Make way for Europe's first price comparison site for print

London, November 1 - 2018

Print is one of the oldest and most established industries. The last 30 years has seen tremendous changes in the print industry, with the emergence of digital printing and then online printing making print more accessible - and more competitive. If you are a printer, print buyer or SME, being able to find the best price in the least time is more essential than ever before.

Today’s release of the new 3 Print Prices comparison website is bound to be welcomed as a game changer for those buying print. The brainchild of print entrepreneur Terence Livingstone and marketing guru Jonny Ucko, 3 Print Prices enables buyers and brokers to instantly access the best print options to meet their printing needs.

“Speedquote has been providing price comparison for two decades in one shape or another,” explains Livingstone, 3 Print Prices co-founder and CEO. “What was new to us was that we saw on-line printing had finally arrived. We just looked at other industries such as the insurance, travel and car-rental market and realized the logical progression of these markets is towards Price Comparison Sites. That’s what 3 Print Prices does, it uses the brute power of technology to compare the sweet spots of the top online printing brands, saving you time, money and no little aggravation.”

Four of the top online printers in the UK and Europe have already come on board as well as several lesser known printers to bring incredible prices under one roof. Users can easily jump into many of the printers’ shopping baskets straight from the price comparison page. Plus there are huge plans to expand product range, geography and supply.

“Our goal is to give you an incredible customer experience”, adds Ucko. “Less time finding prices means more time building your business.”