How does 3 Print Prices work?

We believe print buying is all about making great decisions and making them as quickly as possible. We give you all the information you need simply in seconds. All you need to do is fill in one simple quote form, wait a few seconds for 3 great prices and then make your choice. You will then be seamlessly sent to the supplier site to complete the order, infinitely easier than trawling through multiple sites to find the best choice.

How do you choose your printers?

Not all printing companies are created equal. Some are bigger than others, some are better than others, some are cheaper than others, some are faster than others and so on. Our specialty is in comparing their hot spots and exposing the best deals for you to choose from. All are printers are selected from the cream of the crop, the top online printing brands Even so they all need to add value, something different. If you know a printer that ticks all the right boxes and adds something new, let us know.

Why shouldn’t I just go direct to the printers on your site?

The beauty of our site is that it takes the hard work out of shopping around and gets a boring job done quickly and painlessly. Instead of going to multiple sites, rekeying in the same information again and again, now you only need to go to one. Once you’ve tried the new way you’ll never want to go back.

Do I get any discount for using your site?

Yes. There are some great savings to be made by going through our site. There are general discounts, product discounts and special offers. You’ll see the deals right next prices when you do a quote.